Young Living is making changes to how people are able to order YL products and making a clear distinction between YL customers and brand partners to simplify, better reach people’s individual needs, and be even more aligned with current FTC regulations.

These are really, really exciting, positive changes, friends! If you have any questions at all, please ask!


Current members will be reclassified into 2 different groups - customers and brand partners.

If a current member has done one or more of the following in the last year, they will be grandfathered in as a BRAND PARTNER (aka a business builder who CAN earn a commission & count as a leg and will have access to the VO).

  • Enrolled a member

  • Earned a paycheck

  • Earned a rank of Star+

  • Ordered a business tool


If a current member has NOT done one or more of the previous 4 things in the last year, they will be classified as a CUSTOMER and will get a 24% discount on purchases for 12 months from their last purchase. After 12 months, they will need to have at least one item on Subscribe to Save to continue earning the discount.

Customers can NOT earn commissions and can NOT count as a leg for rank (they CAN refer people and have a team, but they will NOT have access to the VO and cannot earn a paycheck unless they opt to be a Brand Partner by purchasing the Brand Essentials Kit, which they can do at any time).

Because YL is focusing on its mission to get oils into every home, the way that people can join YL moving forward is changing. They will no longer have to purchase a PSK in order to get the 24% discount (woooohoooo)!

The idea is that most people will begin with exactly what they want/need and have an amazing experience, which means they will continue to be a loyal customer, reorder, and maybe even become a brand partner because they can’t help but share what works for them AND would like to earn an income.


Now, they can get the 24% discount with ANY initial purchase of 100+ pv (whether shop or subscribe 2 save) OR by adding anything to their subscribe 2 save cart and ordering that way (no minimum pv requirement).


If someone does not want to place an initial 100 pv order or add something to subscribe to save, they can order any product as a one time order and pay more. I honestly don't see many people doing this because why would you?! They can unlock the 24% discount in the future by adding an item to Subscribe to Save. (this is NOT the same as Essential Rewards - that is going to be called Loyalty Rewards, and nothing has changed with that).



Same as the Customer in the first situation, but they also purchase a Brand Essentials Kit to become a Brand Partner. See the italicized section under Compensation Changes as to why it may be better for someone to start off as a Customer, get their products, fall in love, and then become a Brand Partner!



Once these changes go into effect, all someone needs to do to become a Brand Partner is purchase a Brand Essentials Kit. It’s $29.95 and filled with great resources for building a business, including 3 months of (which I heard is going to be amazing… more on that at a later date!).

Being a Brand Partner is now an intentional decision (which again, is what the FTC likes to see) and means that the person can earn commissions AND count as a leg! CUSTOMERS CAN NOT EARN COMMISSIONS OR COUNT AS A LEG EVEN IF THEY ENROLL SOMEONE AND HAVE 100+ CV



Subscribe to Save will be a way for new Customers to "unlock" wholesale prices without having to Enroll as a Member. This change will roll out when we move to our new, gorgeous shopping platform.

Any customer can sign up for Subscribe to Save and add items to be automatically shipped every month, every two months, or every three months. ONE item, regardless of its PV, in your Subscribe to Save template qualifies a new customer for the 24% discount. SOMETHING - ANYTHING, must be in their Subscribe to Save every month; but as you can see, it will have the flexibility to schedule items to ship at regular intervals (like every 3 months, etc.) If you order 50 pv minimum through Subscribe to Save, it would earn the Loyalty Rewards Points. (Formerly called Essential Rewards) If you do not maintain 50 PV minimum each month, you would start over at 10% the next time your Subscribe to Save order was a minimum of 50 PV.



In order to earn Loyalty Rewards (formerly referred to as Essential Rewards), you will need to place a monthly 50+ pv order through the Loyalty Rewards program (which is connected to the Subscribe to Save) . There are no skip months, and if you miss a month, you lose your points and restart the earning percentage back at 10% when you place your next 50+ pv Loyalty Rewards order. The percentage we earn back remains the same (10% for months 1-3, 20% for months 4-24, 25% for months 25+). The loyalty gifts remain the same (gifts at 3, 6, 9, and 12 months and annually after that). This is the same as the current Essential Rewards requirements and benefits.



Subscribe to Save & Loyalty Rewards orders process on 12 AM MT on the actual order date. (This used to be 12 PM) So, if your order is set for the 3rd each month, it will process at 12 AM on the 3rd (NOT going into the 4th like how it is now). THIS IS A CHANGE WE WANT



We should get an email from YL to check/update our Subscribe to Save order before it goes through, but emails are often missed, so set a reminder on your phone or calendar to change your order before midnight the day before your order is set.



Beginning June 1, Young Living is doing away with the Starter Kit Bonus (because PSKs as we currently know them are changing), and they are also retiring the Essential Rewards Bonus, which in my mind is no big deal because it was confusing and most people weren’t earning it. Additionally, Retail commissions will be removed because there will no longer be a distinction between Retail Customers and Members - everyone will be a Customer or Brand Partner.

The Enroller will still earn the Fast Start Bonus of 25% of the PV of their enrollments who are CUSTOMERS for their first 3 months. If someone enrolls as a BRAND PARTNER in their first month, the Enroller will NOT earn the Fast Start Bonus on that person. The reason for this is that YL is incentivizing us for enrolling CUSTOMERS who love the products BEFORE they become Brand Partners, which is what the FTC likes to see. This protects our businesses. If a Customer converts to a Brand Partner AFTER the month they enroll, the enroller WILL continue to earn the Fast Start Bonus for their first 3 months.

Unilevel will remain exactly the same as it is now. For every customer and Brand Partner, we earn

  • 8% our Level 1

  • 5% on Level 2

  • 4% on Levels 3-5

There are no changes to rank requirements with the exception that CUSTOMERS can NOT count as a leg. In order to qualify as a leg, it must be a BRAND PARTNER with 100 PV and/or CV for ranks up through Executive. (more on that below).


Friends, this is such a game changer! You know how the cost of entry into being a customer is lowering... the same is true to earn an income! Right now, in order to earn full compensation, we have to have 100 PV, which means we need to personally order 100 PV on our account.

When these changes go through (on June 1), IF YOUR RANK IS STAR - EXECUTIVE, you will need 100 CV to earn your paycheck. CV includes what you personally order PLUS the PV of the CUSTOMERS on your Level 1! This means that your PV + Customers’ CV on your Level 1 can be combined to hit the 100 (aka someone could order less than 100 and still get to the 100 PV/CV requirement with their Level 1 Customers’ PV)

Now, I still totally recommend ordering your 100 PV because you’re if you're truly a Brand Partner, you are a "Product of the Product" and using all the YL things! (How else will you share what you love, if you're not using it?) Also, you won’t have to worry about someone returning something potentially impacting your rank/paycheck.

The idea is that someone is not required to purchase something themselves to earn money, which again is what the FTC likes to see. Silver and above ranks will still need to purchase 100 PV on their account to earn their paycheck (this is different because their paycheck will more than cover their order, and let’s be real… if you’re Silver+ how are you NOT ordering at least 100 pv each month?!)

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