Wellness Living with Friends

How did I begin my journey of Wellness Living? It all began when I took at look at myself, my lifestyle and thought about the changes I can make to improve my health and well being. Sometimes that can be hard to do when we are alone but when we have supportive, motivational people around us, we can transform our lives greatly. We have an awesome community supporting one another in our wellness journey!

Fitness, Confidence & Wellness Essentials Facebook Group

My favourite place to go to for support, motivation and inspiration for my Wellness Living journey is within our awesome Fitness, Confidence & Wellness Essentials community on Facebook. Has an awesome group of men and women, including my actor friend Chad Michael Collins, who recently created a video specifically for our group to help motivate us on our health and fitness journey. 


We share about our workouts (struggles and wins), ways to boost our confidence and how to use essential oils for our workouts and within our homes. 

We are a friendly, caring bunch and look forward to you joining our group! If you are not on Facebook and would like to learn more about Wellness Living then please contact me via email (rachelmaytum@gmail.com). 

Join our Facebook Community... 

I look forward to seeing you there!


Much love, 

Rachel xo

Nature's Aroma Wellness Oils Class

Are you new to essentials oils? Or would like to learn more about essentials benefits and uses? Would would like to get started with essential oils but don't know how to?

Our Nature's Aroma Wellness Oils Class is a fun and informative way to learn the benefits and uses of Young Living essential oils. I'm currently offering 1-2-1 classes for anyone interested in learning about essential oils. Please contact me directly to book a class.

What you will learn:

  • What are essential oils?

  • How oils are made

  • How to use essential oils

  • The benefits and uses of essential oils

  • How you can incorporate them into your lifestyle


To find out our next class, click below: 

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