Waking up, bleary eyed, wondering what the day will bring, I grab my iPhone, stare at the screen and hope that my eyes will focus enough so I can see what I'm actually reading! I spend about 15 minutes scrolling through the message until my brain eventually tells me to stop scrolling and to "wake up!".

My Days Are Unorganised

Every morning my days are unorganised... the only consistent rituals I do have is breakfast, bathing, getting dressed and cleaning my teeth. How I wish I had an organised personality but instead it's unpredictable and playful. I question myself regularly as to why I don't have a morning ritual where I can feel grounded, tune into my intuition, and create a day that is more intentional. My brain just doesn't seem to want to function that way. So what things can I do to create a morning ritual that will actually work for me.

I Look To Those Who Know Best

My buddy Chad Michael Collins, you know the one, the guy I spoke about in my last blog post that I said I would chat more about! Well, he has a great morning ritual which I think many of us would actually benefit from doing! Here's what he says about how he starts his day,

I start every morning, every day, with some quiet time and that is usually gratitude writing. You know, I like to write a lot. Just kinda, laying out my days, setting my intentions, finding things to appreciate, like yesterday or the week or things to look forward to in that day. That is a huge habit of mine, that really helps set up my day in a feeling good, feeling place.

I think it's really awesome the kind of morning ritual that Chad has created, it's clearly focused around gratitude and appreciation but also focuses on setting one's intentions.

Creating My Morning Ritual

My intentions for these next three months (yes, I'm thinking way ahead here) is to work towards winning some awesome prizes from an awesome company that I work alongside. Creating a morning ritual is going to be key for me. I feel Chad's morning ritual is definitely a good way of starting my mornings and therefore I'm going to put these into action over these coming weeks (I'll let you know how I get on):

  • Start everyday with some quiet time

  • Write what and whom I'm grateful for

  • Lay out my day - set my intentions

  • Find things to appreciate from yesterday or the week before

  • Appreciate what I have to look forward to

So now you maybe wondering, why do I have a photo of myself with an essential oil?! Well, it's simple, essential oils are also very important for my morning ritual, I diffuse and apply essential oils at the very start of my day. Young Living essential oils are so beneficial and one of those benefits is creating a grounding, uplifting and even an energising environment.

If you're interested in finding out more about essential oils then feel free to join our Fitness, Confidence & Wellness Essentials community where we help motivate, encourage and share about essential oils.

Rachel x