Have you ever felt that you weren't living life your way? I have! In this blog post I'm going to share openly about changes I'm making in my life which will hopefully resonate with some of you and encourage you to make some changes for a better life. Each of us are different, with our own unique personalities, talents and skills. Some things we are great at while other things we just can't get to grips with and it ends up making us miserable. We need to focus on finding what works for us and living life the way that makes us happy and grow as a person!

Making Changes For The Better

Recently, I felt unhappy about certain aspects of my life. I love art and had been creating pastel pencil drawings, doing some commission art and streaming my art via Twitch but I felt I could give so much more. I have a deep desire to create a Patreon art channel where I can share my journey with art and create tutorials that will help new artists.

I also felt unhappy about certain ways I was growing my Young Living (YL) business. It's something I do to bring in an extra income. It's a network marketing company so does require that you network with people so that you are able to distribute YL essential oils and oil infused products to anyone who may want and need it. It's finding those people that can be the hard part.

I love YL essential oils and felt it would be wrong for me not to share about how great they are but it was becoming clear to me that I wasn't networking with people the way I wanted to.

Many of my friends know that I love a nice cuppa tea and use my essential oils on a daily basis but what some of my friends don't know is that I struggle to chat via Facebook Messenger, which means I struggle with the type of training that top YL distributors provide, such as having to connect with 5-10 people daily via FB messenger and stories, even if it's just for a chat. It's great that it works for them but I personally felt uncomfortable, anxious and even stressed when doing it because messaging people via FB was not something I would do often.

I do know the saying, "Step out of your comfort zone!" but does that actually mean that we have to change the way you are because it worked well somebody else? Or do we live life our way?! I've decided to choose the latter!

Living Life My Way

I soon realised that I needed to find a new way of running my YL business as it was making me feel very unhappy. What we need to remember here is that we can choose how we run our businesses, no matter what kind of business that may be. Will my way work? I don't know yet?! But what I do know is that I will feel so much happier doing it in way that I will enjoy! Even if it will take longer to see results!

So what steps am I taking to live life my way, in terms of networking and building a community! I did brainstorm and look at a variety of people who successful and take on board some of their ways they interact and expand their social media. Below I share 5 steps that I have chosen to take to help build my businesses. These steps may help you or they may not. We each are different and have different ways of doing things. What is most important is that you find YOUR WAY!

Now, if you're thinking to yourself, how can I live life your way, you need to dig deep, start writing it down on a notepad:

  • What are your passions?

  • What are your goals?

  • What do you enjoy doing?

  • How would you like to run your business?

  • Do you like blogging?

  • Will you be email marketing?

  • Do you like connecting via Facebook groups?

  • Do you like doing Instagram challenges?

  • Would you like to become a Twitch or YouTube Streamer/Affiliate?

  • Would you like to start your own Patreon Channel?

  • Do you like fitness?

  • Do you enjoy creating recipes?

  • Others (Jot down anything that you can think of) that you enjoy doing!

I'm first going to share about my art business and then share about my YL business so you can see how I am progressing with both. Each are different and yet will have some similar steps that will help expand my social media presence. Where have I got these ideas from? These are taken from a variety of successful business owners that I have come across on social media. They are very successful and yet do things in a fun, creative way!

5 Steps To Living Life Your Way

Rachel Maytum Artworks Business

  1. Choose the platforms that you want to use to help grow your social media presence: I have chosen two platforms that I am are going to spend most of my time expanding my social media presence: Instagram & Twitch. We don't want t get too overwhelmed with focusing on too may platforms, especially when we want to spend more of our time drawing. I enjoy using both these platforms for my art - they are the perfect fit for me.

  2. Get involved in Instagram Challenges: There are some great Draw In Your Own Style challenges on Instagram which are a great way for your artwork to get seen and a great way of interacting with new people. I love doing these because you get to do what you love, which for me is drawing, and make new friends!

  3. Free Prize Giveaways: I love giving away free stuff. You may not feel the same way so don't be doing this unless you want to! It's a great way of expanding your social media network and is very rewarding! These can be done both on Instagram and Twitch!

  4. Start streaming and/or networking on Twitch or YouTube: I stream on Twitch and I'm also an affiliate which means I earn money from streaming my art. It's a great platform for making new friends as viewers can chat to you while your streaming and vice versa. It's a lot of fun!

  5. Start a Patreon Art Channel: I have recently started to create content for my Patreon Art channel which I will launch sometime next month. It's a really cool platform for artists, where I'll be able to share my journey with art, provide tutorials, behind the scenes content and much more. And you are in control of the algorism. A great way to build a community of artists and art lovers.

There are some others that I will be making further down the line which I'll share in the near future.

Rachel Maytum YL Business

  1. Choose the platforms that you want to use to help grow your social media presence: I have chosen two platforms that I am are going to spend most of my time expanding my social media presence for my YL business: Instagram & Facebook. The reason I have chosen Facebook instead of Twitch (this time round) is that Facebook groups play a huge part in my helping grow my YL business.

  2. Get involved in Instagram Challenges: There are some great Yoga challenges on Instagram which are a fun way for your profile to get seen and a great way of interacting with new people and making new friends! I love these! I have done this once for 5 days and my yoga posts were my most popular posts for the year so I've decided that I will continue with these. Take note: I have two separate Instagram accounts, one for my art business and one that focuses on my gaming and wellness.

  3. Facebook Group & Essential Oils Education: Facebook groups are a great way to build a wonderful community. We have a great group that shares about Fitness, Confidence and Essential oils. You're more than welcome to join! I enjoy educating people about essential oils and will be sharing more about their benefit & uses, DIY recipes, Diffuser Blends, and Roll On blends in the next coming months via Instagram and Facebook. These create interest and you're more likely have people come to you for advice about oils, when they realise how much knowledge you have about them!

  4. Stories & Reels: I will be focusing on sharing about essential oils in my stories, reels and IGTV. I will also share on my Instagram posts but will limit these. I will show my followers how to use essential oils and how they benefit them! These can take time to do but are fun!

  5. Wellness Blogging & Linktree: I find that blogging is a great way to share about my wellness journey. I use Linktree as a means to share my blog posts plus other links that I would like to share. I post my Linktree URL to my Instagram profile so I can easily direct my followers to it. I do also share via email marketing too.

What Does Living Life Your Way Look Like?

Take time to brainstorm your ideas and find out what works best for you! Think about what you enjoy doing and how it will work best for your business(s). What does living your life your way look like? I've given you some ideas and an insight into how I'm moving forward with my life, and the two businesses that I'm focusing on. I hope it has helped in some way. I will keep you updated with my progress!