As I sit on the sofa feeling completely stuffed from the roast turkey dinner, two desserts and cheese and crackers that I ate, I ponder at what lies ahead. Our world is not what it used to be. Life has completely changed for many of us. Even one of my Christmas gifts is like no other I have received.

On Boxing Day I woke up to the news via the NHS app that where I live has now moved from Tier 2 to Tier 3, Coronavirus cases are very high in our area, and therefore we have to follow certain guidelines laid out by the Government. Here are some of them; we can't meet with anyone indoors or in most outdoor places, like private gardens, unless we live with them or have formed a support bubble. Maximum of 6 in some outdoor public places like parks or public gardens. Venues are closed, except takeaways, drive-through or delivery. We are to avoid travelling out of the area, other than where necessary, such as for work or education and to avoid staying overnight in another part of the UK, other than with our household or support bubble. Life has become rather stressful and lonely as we isolate to protect those that we love and care for!

5 Lockdown Self Care Tips

So how can we take care of ourselves while in lockdown? here are 5 self care tips that can help:

  1. Move Your Body: It is so important to exercise for our mental and physical health. There are a variety of free online fitness workouts that you can do from the comfort of your own home. My favourites are The Body Coach by Joe Wicks and Yoga with the Down Dog Yoga app.

  2. Spend Time with Friends & Family: We may not be able to meet our friends or some of our family members face to face but we can spend time via Facebook groups, Twitter, video calls and Twitch. I love interacting with my friends via Zoom, it a great way to see everyone's faces while at the same time being safe.

  3. Go Outdoors: The great thing about the outdoors is how we can spend time with nature, animals and also have an abundance of space to exercise. Go cycling with your household or bubble, take photos of the beautiful surroundings, appreciate your surroundings and breathe in the fresh air.

  4. Hobbies: This is the perfect time to build on the hobbies you have or create new ones. I recently started gaming with my friends, using Twitch as my platform for interacting with my friends. It's a lot of fun and helps takes my mind off what going on in the world. I also spend time developing my art skills, each and everyday.

  5. Aromatherapy: 100% authentic Essential oils can help greatly with our emotional and physical wellbeing. I love to diffuse Pine essential oil and Ylang Ylang essential oil blend to create an aroma that is relaxing and uplifting. It's great for when I'm doing my drawing or writing my blog posts. If you haven't tried essential oils before, then now is the perfect time. They have so many benefits that can help support your wellbeing.

If you can think of any other tips for self care while in lockdown then please comment below, I would love to hear about them. Stay safe my friends and, when this lockdown is behind us, remember to continue practicing whichever self care tips work best for you.

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