It's that time of year when we set about choosing what to buy our families and friends for Christmas except this year is completely different to others. We don't have the busy high streets to go to for shopping but instead are relying on online businesses see us through with the exception of supermarkets. Thankfully there are wonderful businesses out there that can deliver your Christmas gifts right to your door! Young Living is an amazing company than has grown significantly during the lockdown due to the wonderful products that they have. I have literally fallen in love with many of their products over this last year and I know that you will too.

So why do I love them so much?

The are many reason why I love Young Living essential oils. Here are some of the reasons...

Young Living Essential Oils - Value In Every Drop

For fresh fish, would you pick: A) something you found in the refrigerator case at a petrol station 1,500 miles inland, or B) a fillet served at a long-established restaurant on the coast? I hope that for the sake of your stomach you chose B. Now think about why the restaurant is a better option. The chefs are more experienced, the facility is specialized, and the fresh ingredients are much more readily available, and much less mysterious.

See what I'm getting at?

You might be able to pick up a cheap essential oil bottle at your local supermarket, but the lack of care, quality, and expertise that goes into that bottle means it will never hold up to Young Living’s pure essential oil.

Young Living take their Seed to Seal® commitment to quality,, including Sourcing, Science, and Standards, very seriously. If you’re wondering why you shouldn’t settle for anything less than the best, here are some of the factors that make Young Living essential oils the top choice in the industry!

Their oils can be used in a wide variety of ways! They’re wonderful for aromatic uses like diffusing Purification® to banish musty odours, inviting the sunny aroma of Lemon into your home on a rainy day, or helping your child get ready for bed with the soothing aroma of Lavender. They’re also great to use topically, including dabbing R.C.™ on your wrists for a fresh scent, using Peppermint for a refreshing foot massage, or adding a few drops of Frankincense to your nighttime moisturizer. Their Vitality™ oils (also known as Plus oils here in Europe) are a great way to enjoy the internal benefits of their oils. Try taking DiGize™ Vitality™ before a meal to support your wellness regimen,* or use a few drops of Grapefruit Vitality to add a boost of fresh flavour to your favourite foods and beverages!

High-quality oils can’t come from a low-quality source. That’s why Sourcing is a pillar of Young Living's Seed to Seal commitment. Before they even plant one seed at a Young Living farm or a partner farm, their scientists test the soil, water, and other environmental factors to make sure everything meets their standards.

Every 15-ml bottle of Young Living essential oils holds about 250 drops; and when every drop is pure and powerful, distilled from the very best botanicals, 250 drops can go a long way.

So now that we've establish some of the reason why, let me show you how can can order Young Living gifts for your friends, family, as well as a treat for yourself.

How to order Young Living Gifts for Christmas?

I will now walk you through the simple process of ordering Christmas Gifts for Young Living but first take a look at our Young Living Seasonal Essentials Guide and our Product Guide. For other translations, click Here and Here.

Here & below the ordering bullet points are some of the Seasonal Essentials items available to buy...

  1. Take a browse and see what you would like. take note of the name of product and it's Code (I would write them down in a notepad).

  2. Click on this link: Young Living UK or Young Living USA or for other countries Young and take note of my YL members (referral) number 19905280 as you will need it for the section that asks for the Sponsor ID 19905280 and Enroller ID 19905280.

  3. For those in the UK and Europe, you don't need to purchase a Premium Starter Kit (that is optional) so leave that part blank (don't tick any boxes) and then scroll down. if you're from the United States then you'll need to purchase either a Premium Starter Kit or Basic Starter Kit to become a Young Living Member. Some people get the basic kit and then top up with the gifts that they want.

  4. You have the option of opting for Essentials Rewards, You can do this at a later date. Tick No, a a section that says Continue Shopping will appear an then click on Add More Products.

  5. Grab your notepad with your list of gifts you would like to buy. Start typing in the code or name of product where it's says Product Name or Number. or browse through the different categories. Add the products that you want. There maybe some items out of stock due to selling out.

  6. Once you've got all the products you would like to order, click on Checkout. Take note: It will bring you back to the first page.

  7. Once you're back on the first page, you No to essential Rewards and then Continue Without Starter Kit.

  8. Fill in your details, choose username, password an 4 Digit Pin (Keep these in a safe place). You will need your pin number when chatting with Young Living customer service. Choose "Individual" for Commission Processing Information. This gives you the opportunity to refer others to Young Living if you would like to but is totally optional. Tick even if you're just choosing to be a customer.

  9. When filling out the Sponsor ID and Enroller ID use my members ID: 19905280.

  10. Tick Terms and Conditions box and then click on Agree and Continue.

  11. Choose the delivery address and form of payment and follow the instructions for Checkout.

Make sure to place your orders before the 10th December so that your order arrives in time for Christmas. For those of you in the USA, I would recommend ordering before the end of November as processing times are taking longer in the USA due to the high demand.

Pamper Your Body, & Look, Cosy Comforts & Inspire Your Senses

If you get stuck in any way, please contact me via email: and I will walk your through the whole ordering process. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask,

Have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Get Started With Essentials Oils

Looking to get started with essential oils? But not sure how to?! The best way to get started with Young Living essential oils is by purchasing one of our Premium Starter Kits and becoming part of our Generation Essentials community where we will support you in your journey with essential oils! Check out my Getting Started: Order Your Essentials Oils Kit for more details.