My Journey So Far

Have you ever felt the desire to meditate? But you weren't really sure how to do it unless you had a guided meditation tape at your side. Over these last couple of months I have felt a longing to learn more about meditation. I have meditated over the years now and again using guided meditation but have never been consistent and have never really tried to meditate while sitting in silence. I feel now is good time to dive deeper into meditation and make it part of my lifestyle where I meditate on a daily basis.

I recently came across lessons by Brian Johnson, one of them being about meditation which I found very helpful in showing how to meditate, It's called Meditation 101: How to Meditate without Moving to the Himalayas. Check it out and let me know what you think. There are some great top ideas that Brian discusses which I'm going to take on board as I begin my journey with meditating on a daily basis. I want to share some of those ideas with you.

1. Pick Your Why

When it comes to meditation, I have never really thought about writing down, why I am meditating, so it was very enlightening to read that picking your why is important step to take when starting out. So let's write it down. Here are five reasons why I want to meditate:

  1. Nourish my mind

  2. Build strength of will

  3. Connect on a spiritual level

  4. Reduce anxiety

  5. Increase contentment

2. Commit 100%

Yep! This makes total sense! We got to be 100% committed to meditating on a daily basis otherwise we will just give up after a day or two. We've got to be all in! Our why will help us to make that commitment and stay committed. My commitment to meditating on a daily basis is 100%!

3. Start Simple

Start simple, begin with a minute a day and then gradually increase. Consistency over intensity. You don't want to set your expectation too high because you will end up setting yourself up for failure, when you don't meet it. That has definitely happened to me in the past where I thought meditation had to be done in a specific way. To hear those words "Start Simple" is music to my ears!

4. Sit with Dignity

When you think about sitting with dignity, you fix your posture, right?! I know I do.... and did you know, that when your posture improves so does your mind? Sit with an upright posture, it will help you when you're meditating, especially as we breathe in and out, which leads me to the next big idea...

5. Breathe + Drop In

As suggested by Brian Johnson, you can start your meditation with 5 deep breathes. You want to slow down, sit up nice with dignity and then breathe nice and slowly. This will slow down your mind in a powerful way. This is an area that I need to learn more about. I may actually look into signing up to the Optimal Living 101 Master Classes, so I can dive deeper into learning about meditation.

6. Pick an Anchor

Pick an anchor, anything from a mantra, prayer, breath, or count. The smaller the area of your focus the greater your attention. My personal anchor is prayer. I find it helps me to focus my attention on a deeper, spiritual level.

There are several other big ideas that Brian talks about which you can check out via his YouTube video, that are also very helpful. The ones above are where I am going to begin with my daily meditation!

Another idea that I have is...

Diffusing Essential Oil

Essential oils can change the atmosphere within the room - to a calm and tranquil environment - depending on which essential oils you use.

My favourite diffuser blend for meditation is:

  • 3 drops Peace & Calming

  • 3 drops Lavender

  • 3 drops Stress Away

Give it a try!

Do you meditate?

Let me know if you meditate and how you meditate. Do you have any ideas that you can add? Comment below. Would love to hear from you!