Over these last couple of months I've been learning more about mediation and have learnt that it can help build our confidence. Meditation allows us to train our mind for mental clarity and emotional stability. When you lack confidence, your mental state can create negative ways of thinking whereas when you focus on your train of mind and you realise that you don't have to listen to the voice inside your head, you're able to replace those feelings of anxiety and fear and replace them with thoughts of serenity and peace.

Meditation increases your awareness of the present moment. It helps us to focus and calm our mind down. Focusing on the good instead of the negative.

When growing up certain negative thoughts ran rampant in my mind to a point where depression overwhelmed me. To meditate is to inspire positive emotions. Loving-kindness meditation cultivates kind thoughts towards yourself. Building your confidence & self-esteem. When practiced constantly, we can extend this kindness to other people.

Meditation helps us to focus more on our strengths. A focused mind helps us to be more creative and in touch with our strengths and inner self-confidence. As an artist, this is so important to me as a lack of focus and confidence could lead to commission art piece not getting finished if doubts start to creep into my mind. Having that focused mind and inner self-confidence enables me to work in positive and creative way.

Meditation helps achieve a greater sense of self-awareness. Self-awareness is our ability to observe and accurately identify our thoughts, feelings and impulses, and determine whether they are grounded in reality or not.

  • Check in with yourself and drop all the stimuli and noise.

  • Cross your legs on the floor, sit with dignity and pick an anchor: chant, pray or breath (become aware of your breathing). I personally choose prayer as my anchor.

  • If that's not your thing, walk in the park. Water your plants. Listen to soothing music.

You can meditate anywhere. You don't need a special environment or equipment in order to do it. I like to meditate in my bedroom as it's a place where I won't be disturbed.

Get into the habit. Meditation improves quality of life in the long run. Boosts our confidence & self-esteem. You only need a few minutes of your day.

Give it a go and let me know what you think in the comment box below. Would love to hear how it helps you. It's really helped me gain clarity, focus, a positive mindset and confidence.