Have you ever bought yourself a new pair of boots and by the time you arrived home and tried them on, you've realised they aren't as comfortable as you thought they would be? You then spend the next couple of days walking around the house with them on until they feel much better on you. Sometimes they’ll even form to your foot and become your go-to accessory. Habits act the same way! Consistent, daily actions become the fabric of who you are and create a pathway to achieving your goals.

Maybe you feel that life is passing you by, working a day job in an office with no time to spare, but what you really want is an active lifestyle with time to spend with your family and friends. Perhaps you’ve dreamt of being your own boss, working from home. The good news, these can be accomplished, even when you're over 40! The key is to establishing habits that will take you there.

How do you start healthy habits?

January is the ideal time to implement healthy habits. Don't be afraid to make these changes just because they say "you are over the hill"! Your best years are yet to come! It's more like over the hill and then up again! I promise you, starting healthy habits will lead you to a much better life!

Try these simple tips to make your habits stick!

Start small

Start small so you gradually get used to the changes that you make. It doesn't take long to form habits! When you create specific goals, they’re easier to obtain and build upon. Start by implementing simple steps each day for a big result.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Listen to a motivational podcast. Whether you’re commuting to work or running errands, hearing others motivate or inspire you can keep your spirits high!

  • Diffuse each morning. Find a blend that inspires you to conquer the day.

  • Journal your experience. Recording your daily achievements can help you stay motivated and reach your overall goal!

  • Stay accountable by sharing your journey. Sometimes motivation comes from outside yourself, so confide in a friend, blast your goals on social media, or call your mum after every gym sesh.

Replace your bad habits with good

While you’re deep-cleaning your bad habits, it’s important to replace them with healthy ones.

Here are some examples:

  • Swap tooth-aching candy with tasty, nutritious treats.

  • Out of sight, out of mind - Get rid of any unhealthy options from your cupboards, fridge and freezer and replace them with the good, clean eating foods and drinks!

  • Skip crash-and-burn fizzy / soda drinks - go for a natural pick-me-up! I love my Superfruit Red Juice that I have daily!

  • Cleaning with no-good toxic solutions? I’ve got a swap for that! Which will give you a sweetly spiced, healthy home.

Cut down on decision making

Too many decisions in a day can create overwhelming feelings—and no one’s got time for that. Create a plan in advance while your motivation is at an all-time high, so when you hit a lull you simply stick to the plan.

  • Schedule a fitness class or workout with a friend every week. There’s something special about a group achieving greatness together!

  • Stock up on nutrition support. Vitamins are an easy way to boost your health game.

  • Master meal prep! Dedicate an afternoon to creating at least one meal a day for a week, so you’re fueled with healthy, on-the-go dishes. Bonus: Less cooking equals more time for yourself!

Reward yourself—you deserve it!

Changing your lifestyle when you're over 40 can be tough - but you can do hard things and that is amazing! Reward yourself when you hit a milestone with any of these options.

  • Treat yourself to new experiences. Maybe take a weekend retreat near the beach.

  • Gift yourself a shiny new beauty product. Look good on your way to success!

  • Make time for self-care—even a long bath or a super-hydrating face mask can be a reward.

  • Take yourself and a friend to lunch to celebrate! There’s no shame in hyping up your achievements; it might inspire others to go after their goals!

Forgive yourself and start again

There may be times when you find yourself off the path to success. It’s okay—that’s what U-turns are for. Give yourself space to reflect and get back at it. Remember, mental-health habits are just as important as physical ones.

Try these tips to get back on track!

  • Ask for help. Talking through your goals and getting an outside perspective from a friend can reset your mindset.

  • Be your biggest fan! Write down positive affirmations and post them in plain sight for a motivating boost.

  • Write down your why. With the hustle and bustle of life, it’s easy to lose sight of our “why.” Write it down and really see it! It works wonders!

  • Create a vision / dream board that you can look at each day to help motivate you into action! Seeing is believing!

It’s time to go up that hill and get to work. Imagine how accomplished you’ll feel when you reach your destination!

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