Unleashing The Inner Talent within You

As I contemplate what to write, in what is meant to be one of my weekly blog posts, I realised that I sometimes can be sidetracked by the thoughts that go on in my mind leading me to do things that I had not planned and neglect those that I have. I am probably the most unorganised person that I know. Thankfully I have friends who are much more organised so tend to do the things that I tend to neglect but one thing that they can't do is write my blog posts for me as these come from my heart and are my way of sharing my journey of life with everyone.

For The Love Of Art

Today, I want to share about my love for art and how two years ago, this hidden talent was unleashed. It all happened in such a natural way. At the time I had a deep desire to become an amazing artist but I didn't know how I would become that person. I thought I would have to do years of training but I also had heard how our thoughts and what words we say can have either a positive or negative impact on how lives.

I began saying these words around the house, again and again...

I am an amazing artist!

It felt weird at first but I soon got used to saying it again and again. I then started drawing from tutorials that Jason Morgan Wildlife Artist had created. What really surprised me was how good I became at drawing animals with pastel pencils. It's like it came so natural, even on my first attempt it looked like I had been drawing professionally for years.

At the time when I was drawing, I didn't have those voices in my head telling me I couldn't do it (like I had before) but instead had this inner belief that I could be great at it. My mindset had completely changed.

The Power of Our Words & Thoughts

The words I had spoken over myself again and again had completely transformed the way I think when I'm drawing! By the time I had done three to four drawings, I truly felt I was an amazing artist. I began doing celebrity portrait drawings, making sure to add every single bit of detail within the drawing so it looked as realistic as possible. Our words & thoughts truly define what type of person we become. You may even have a hidden talent that you don't even know about.

Stepping Out

When we step out of our comfort zone and do new things that we've never tried before, we then open the doors to new opportunities and the possibility of those hidden talents being revealed. Be brave, be courageous, speak positive words over yourself and try something new today!

You can check out my artwork via my website.

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