Chad Michael Collins & Oliver Thompson Talk Sniper: Assassin's End, Scripts & T-Shirts

What some of you may not know, is that I'm a huge fan of the Sniper Franchise movies. I love action movies, especially when I can watch my buddy Chad Michael Collins shoot the bad guys.

On Thursday, 9th July, I had the pleasure of hosting, along with some awesome friends, a very special Q&As for Sniper: Assassin's End with Chad Michael Collins who plays the role of Brandon Beckett & Oliver Thompson, the writer and producer of the movie.

Sniper: Assassin's End

This is the eighth instalment of the 25 year long running Sniper franchise from Sony Pictures. It is the 5th film that Chad has starred in and the first written and produced by Oliver. It's available to purchase via Chad's website:

Chad, has also portrayed the character Alex, Echo 3-1, in the legendary gaming franchise Call of Duty Modern Warfare. He also has a diverse resume of movies and TV titles, including Once Upon a Time, MacGyver, Extinct, CSI, NCIS, A Company of Heroes, High Moon and many more.

Oliver is currently a member of Minutehand Pictures, He has had 5 nominations and 3 wins for a previously written movie called Welcome to Happiness. He also writes and produces music; two of his compositions were written for the Sniper: Assassin's End: "Spitting His Fire" and "Teeth of the Master" - one of which featured in the movie.

Talking Script & Fight Scenes

It was such a pleasure to chat with both Chad and Oliver, and great to see them interacting in such a fun way with each other. Fans from different parts of the globe sent their questions to us and watched live as we streamed the Zoom call to our Collinshood Elite Facebook group.

What I loved most was how they shared different aspect of how the film was brought together, from Oliver talking about how the creation of script to Chad sharing about his fight scenes within the woods, in Vancouver. Chad also shared about how he prepares physically for his role as Brandon Beckett,

When I get a call and say hey we're going and they send me the script and everything else, I like to get back into training, I like to mix up the way I come physically prepared. I like to get back to more the military style type of workouts, double down on pull ups, and natural body exercises and stuff like that, that, a soldier would do...

While Oliver also shared how he came about creating the t-shirt that Brandon Beckett wore in the first scene of the movie,, as well as the music that was incorporated into the movie,

The story of White Dragon....What if we create our own fake, 80s metal band, ...I was picturing something like Iron Maiden meets Judas Priest, with something like Ronnie James Dio thrown in...and Kaare..he was like, he loved the idea...

You can watch the full length recorded Q&A Live Stream video below to find out exactly how the story of the T-shirt and music unfolded:

Q&A with Chad Michael Collins & Oliver Thompson

Our Q&A Live Stream was led by Jannine, Jen, Dorota and I. You can connect with all of us via our Collinshood Elite Facebook group which is where we held the video stream. This group is for friends (fans) of Chad Michael Collins, where we share news updates, fan art, prize giveaways and much. You can join us via: collinshoodelite.

Rachel x