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For years I lacked the confidence to create the life that I wanted, and I had many obstacles that stood in my way of doing the things I desired. I suffered with severe symptom of Endometriosis for over 10 years. After 3 major surgeries, and gaining over 3 stone, I made the decision to change my life around.​ 


I began focusing on building my confidence and improving my health & wellness, creating a life that I truly desired to live, not only physically but also emotionally and spiritually.


I incorporated a fitness and nutrition regime, and within a year and a half, of changing my lifestyle, I reached my idea weight.


I was introduced to essential oils by a dear friend of mine, Chad Michael Collins, I fell in love with them and within 6 months made the decision to teach about the benefits and uses of essential oils to those who wanted to learn more. Essential oils helped me greatly with my emotions, allowing me to become more confident, energized and uplifted. 

Due to my new found confidence, I've also have become an pastel artist and Twitch streamer. I work mainly from home, especially now that our lives have changed during 2020.


My aim for 2021 is to work towards my goals; helping others to improve their confidence and wellness and to blog on a regular basis about my journey and hope that it will help inspire and motivate others to do the same. 

Business & Lifestyle Opportunity

If you are looking for a business and lifestyle opportunity, that will help you with your wellness journey and provide an extra income stream, then please contact me. I would love to hear from you! 

Rachel x

Rachel Maytum Artworks

Rachel is also a visual artist who caters to Animal, People & Celebrity Portrait Art Lovers, specialising in realistic pastel drawing commissioned art and digital art with the purpose to transform your favourite photo into a unique, one of a kind art piece. 

Jason Morgan Wildlife Artist and has fallen in love with that particular form of art. Her style is realistic and very similar to the actual reference photo but she likes to add an extra punch of colour into the artwork so that it stands out more.

Her celebrity portrait and digital art features her briliantly talented friends, Chad Michael Collins and Sean Patrick Flanery, both of which are involved in the TV and Film industry and have given their agreement and support for Rachel to create celebrity artworks of them.

You can her work via her Rachel Maytum Artworks website.

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