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Meet Rachel

Wellness Living & Journey To Acting

Rachel loves many things, art, Twitch streaming, website design, photography and essential oils. She was introduced to essential oils by her friend, Chad Michael Collins,


She fell in love with them and within 6 months made the decision to teach about the benefits and uses of essential oils and to distribute Young Living products to those that wanted to get their hands on them.


Essential oils helped her greatly with her emotions, allowing her to become more confident, focused and positive. She had lacked a lot of confidence but thankfully YL essential oils relieved the nervousness and gave her the courage to do new things. You can read all about Rachel's love for essential oils via her blog.

What I Specialize In

Adopt Essential Oils, meditation & mindset techniques

Establish healthy, eating habits & learn how to use Plus dietary essential oils

Adopt a toxic free, healthy lifestyle, at home, work and outdoors

Unleash your inner confidence & Creativity for a better life

Opportunity for a personalized Business & Lifestyle plan

Begin your Journey with Essential Oils. Get Started Today.

“I diffuse them, I use the actual oils from everything from fitness and workout recovery, to eating them and putting them on food... taking some of their supplement line and stuff like that.”

- Chad Michael Collins

Doing some yoga while diffusing Stress Away. Absolutely love the tropical/citrus smell. Yep, I'm addicted. I find it very relaxing and calming, which I've needed this week. Thieves even made an appearance in background”

- Jen James

“My new favourite (second favourite after Frankincense) for my yoga practice. Patchouli [essential] oil - earthly, grounding, spice smell. My yoga mat serves as a great background”

- Dorota Eversden

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